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All Subjects Tutoring Service believes in quality education for children, teenagers and even adults to have a better and brighter future. Guiding those in need of superior education is not a new concept for All Subjects Tutoring Service. Randy Stover, President and founder of the company, has instilled in the tutors a patient, kind and professional approach. Read through what clients have to say about the high standards of All Subjects Tutoring Service.

My name is Randy Stover and I am a private math tutor and president of All Subjects Tutoring Service. I hold a B.S. degree in Mathematics. I specialize in all levels of math and SAT/ACT math prep. I've been tutoring for over 15 years. As owner of All Subjects Tutoring Service, we can also provide excellent tutors for english, writing, reading, history, chemistry, physics, biology, spanish, SAT/ACT prep and most all other subjects. Below are some references for myself and All Subjects Tutoring Service. We have satisfied hundreds of students and parents over the years. This is just a small sample of our many references.

* Max Mittelman
I got straight A's in math since 5th grade with Randy as my tutor! Now I am attending UC-Berkeley!

* Beverly Wells
Randy Stover is hands down the best tutor ever. He knew exactly how to teach the way I needed to learn. He never made me feel embarrassed if it was the 10th time I tried to get the right answer. I have a learning disability and doubted myself. but with each lesson my confidence grew. He's knowledgeable, patient, personable and worth his weight in gold!

* Andrea Spiegler
The english tutor you sent for my son was awesome! His improvement has been amazing!

* Ann Thompson
The spanish tutor raised Brian's grade to an A! We want her back in the fall!

* Rebecca Morrow
Your chemistry tutor has improved my daughter's confidence and raised her two letter grades!

* John Malloy
I've been accepted into Chaminade High with honors and its all because of All Subjects Tutoring!

* Laura Schwartz
Because of your generosity and incredible staff of tutors, my son has made it into Crespi High!

* Lisa McCormick
My daughter did SAT prep with All Subjects Tutoring Service. Her scores improved dramatically and she has now been accepted into NYU!

* Lauren Sherman
All Subjects Tutoring is the best you could ask for. They helped me understand in a way that my teachers could not. I went from a 46% to a 96% on my last test!

* Amanda Bloom
Randy turns math from a nightmare into something much more approachable and non-threatening. I am thankful to him and now I am going to UCLA!

* Steven Wade
Randy tutored me in math, improved my habits and taught me fun techniques to lessen my careless mistakes. I got an A in Algebra because for the first time I actually understand it!

We are overjoyed with the compliments that we have received from our students. We work hard to improve scores in any subject that they need help in. It just goes to show that there is a way to become better in class or school. Your children require the best tutoring in any subject, and All Subjects Tutoring Service would like to provide it. Here are the various subjects we offer.


  • Math (All Levels)
  • SAT / ACT Prep at excellent rates
  • English, Reading and Writing
  • Chemistry/Biology
  • History/Statistics
  • Spanish and Other Languages
  • Computer Science
  • Economics/Accounting

Length of Sessions:

  • 1 hour fifteen minutes
  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours

Allow your children to have the quality educational foundation they deserve. This is the time for you to start investing in the future of your children. We offer affordable rates to teach students in an interesting and fun manner.
Contact us today at 818 645 8685 or email us at allsubjectstutoring5@gmail.com!